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Why do we recommend:

  • 1 Quickly understand your desires. Experience more than 20 years.
  • 2 Drawing up a contract for performance of work and time.
  • 3 We buy materials at wholesale prices (the checks provided).
  • 4 We deliver materials.
  • 5 Quality and timely carry out the work.
  • 6 Perfect cleaning after repair.
  • 7 The warranty for the work.
  • 8 Post-warranty service.


Construction company Archicad-C provides a full range of services for the construction of cottages, houses, offices and repair Repair of apartments under the key in Kiev, Poltava and other areas Ukraine. Namely, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernihiv and Zaporizhia.

Repair of apartments under the key is a complex process, which includes the implementation of several major types of technical work with a different value. As a rule, such a procedure resorted people who want as soon as possible to get modern accommodation with the most comfortable conditions for living.

Repair of turnkey involves the following works, have a direct impact on the overall cost of repairs:

  • careful measurement of the premises and a thorough study of its design and architectural features that may be of value in the future repair and decoration;
  • the development of a unique design and, if necessary, approval of redevelopment in the room with the supervisory authorities involved in the approval of change;
  • just finishing and repair with a lining of engineering networks and communications projects in full compliance with the standards and requirements of technical regulations;
  • implementation of additional services, which include waste collection after repair, installation of alarm and air conditioning systems, and other home appliances.

Our company provides high quality and professional repair of apartments under the key, Repair of offices, repair of houses and buildings of various levels of complexity. We have quite a large staff of experienced construction crews are able to carry out as soon as possible a comprehensive turnkey repair.

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