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Дизайн-проекты офисов Дизайн-проекты офисов Дизайн-проекты офисов

Construction company Archicad-C provides a full range of services for repair of office space in Kiev, Poltava and other areas Ukraine.

Today, most people working in the office. For many office - this is a second home. For this reason, just need to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the whole team. Our experts are happy to solve this task in a professional manner. Construction company "Archicad-C" offers a number of services - including repairs and offices in Kiev - using which you will be only in black. We have an individual approach to each client.

For comfortable work environment, we can offer you:

  • Competently plan and design of any office space;
  • Selection of a color palette that gives the comfort and convenience;
  • Performing all types of work-related communications;
  • Security and fire alarm systems;
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and underfloor heating;
  • Repair with the best quality and modern materials;
  • All legal issues and the collection of documents necessary for the smooth operation of your office we undertake;
  • The equipment must be furnished;

The refined interior of your office is one of the most important stages of repair. Our task is to create an interior in a way that would be going to the office, it was clear direction of the company. The most important element in creating a functional interior - this is the correct location of the workplaces and the equipment, especially if your office has a small size. We will give you a sketch in advance, in which the arrangement of furniture is laid out and the jobs in accordance with your wishes.

If you are wondering why so much importance is professionally executed repairs in the office? The answer is obvious. Office - this is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting with the company. After a visit to the client's office forms an opinion about the company. Also important in creating an office to take into account all the nuances of creating a working environment for staff. Comfortable - enhance the collective ability to work. The company's specialists of Archicad-C will realize your ideas, create favorable conditions for the employees to have in your office was warm and friendly atmosphere. We are working on repair and design from the beginning to its end, think over every detail so you can safely rely on our professionalism and the results are sure to be pleased.

It should be noted that one of our problems is the most effective execution of your order in a given budget. After our work, the new office will be a luxurious presentation of your company, which is, without exaggeration, can be called the face of the company.

Our company employs professionals who will provide you with very high quality work at an affordable price. To most accurately plan your finances, you should contact our staff dealing with this issue. They will give you a detailed consultation with all the details, starting with the financial issues and finishing materials to be used in your office repairs. Sharing cooperation you will not have any additional costs, and most likely, you will save. You will need to pay only what is needed: the design of the future office, the work done and materials consumed.

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