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The development projects of apartments, office buildings, houses and interiors

Designing of houses, buildings and structures is a major step in the construction of any object, which takes into account all the features of an object, and regulatory requirements. Work building project is a revised and detailed preliminary design, which requires builders to as accurately as possible to accomplish what was intended by the designer and the customer.

Detailed design of the building and construction - is one of the design work stages. Work project is a set of drawings with a high degree of elaboration and detail of the building components and structures.

Разработка рабочего проекта компанией Архикад-С

Detailed design company arhikad SRazrabotka-working project comes within the framework of the design and represents a detailed space-planning decisions, you need a contractor for development of the territory or repair facilities. From the competence and professionalism of developing the project depends directly on the durability, safety and ergonomic constructions and buildings, as well as the final cost of their construction.

Detailed design of any object other than the interior of the project, should be made by professional designers who have the appropriate license. Therefore, the choice of artist to create a working draft of its object must be approached with the utmost seriousness. Only in this case, the customer can get a guarantee that the project will be fully taken into account engineering, economic, technological, fire, environmental and health requirements for the project.

The company's specialists arhikad-to quickly carry out the design and approval of the detailed design of the building, residential or non-residential premises. We have extensive experience of design works of any complexity and purpose with regard to their safety, manufacturability, individuality and functional features of the premises. The working documents of the project, developed by our specialists, includes all the necessary drawings and text materials, allowing artists to quickly and easily perform the construction or repair of the object space.

You can order the development of the detailed design of an object:

  • Working apartments project
  • Detailed design of the office building (shop, school, hospital, health center, etc.)
  • The working draft of a private house
  • Seating Interior design

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