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Create beauty, comfort, harmony, luxury, safety to be proud of.


We make every room a beautiful, comfortable and safe. We provide a full range of design, construction and maintenance services for the residential, office, restaurant - Hotel, Budget and commercial premises. Using the best practices in these areas, and modern technologies. We provide professional inspection, cleaning supply, exhaust, ventilation ducts.

Основная цель Компании «Архикад-С» Создавать красоту и комфорт


  1. We help our clients to make their dream come true. Everyone dreams to have a luxury accommodation and work in a comfortable, safe environment.
  2. We offer luxurious design project, working draft, which then come to life. In the development of any project, we pay great attention to security projects and combine them with beauty and harmony. If you want to claim co-ordinate them with the relevant authorities.
  3. We use the most secure, environmentally friendly and modern technologies in the selection of building materials.
  4. Prepare, develop appropriate documentation; Acts of cancellation of materials, quality certificates; construction materials; in the armored structure; executive schemes; video and photo reports all processes carried out works on objects.
  5. Before the construction of the facility or renovation of premises, as needed development projects and budgets are examined in the relevant bodies.
  6. We carry out construction, repair work of any complexity mans objects and models of different styles of furniture, dress windows, appliances.
  7. We carry out work in the offices of managers, reception, meeting rooms, conference rooms, control rooms, service rooms; banking institutions, with the budget projects.
  8. Decorate the room to the desires of the customer: creating comfort, design professional projects for ventilation and air-conditioning.
  9. We have the right to inspect the vent and flue channels.
  10. Issued by the relevant acts startup boilers, Thermo-generated, and private rooms.
  11. We provide services with a high quality result. If we can not offer what the result will be - we do not undertake the project. We are committed to quality services and activities of the company not to make customers enjoy (which of course is nice and even beneficial), and to feel pride and satisfaction from the project.
  12. We understand that the only way to create a substantial product is to act as a team of skilled professionals, each of which contributes to the company. Contributes to the company - then it produces products of such quality that they can be successfully used in future projects of their own and other employees.
  13. Each of our employees, as a rule, or already an expert or specialist in the construction of the future. Anyone who does not dream about this profession, it is better to find a job in another company. We are happy to accept in the command of anyone who shares our goals and meet the qualifications. But we realize that a good professional- is a person who raises their skills throughout his life.
  14. We use modern technology in their work and strive to be a high-tech company, applying innovations, of course, not for the sake of new products, and if they make it possible to increase the efficiency of our company.
  15. We will expand its field of activity by creating a first company offices in other cities who need our services.
  16. We actively disseminate our ideas in the field of building services and willing to cooperate with all public and commercial organizations with the desire to receive with pride our services.

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Строительная компания «Архикад-С»

Контактный адрес Poltava, Ukraine

77A Sobornost st.

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