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Cleaning apartments and offices, washing windows

Construction company arhikad C Cleaning services:

  •  office cleaning;
  •  cleaning of apartments, houses, cottages;
  •  Cleaning after repair and construction works;
  •  cleaning after weddings, corporate events, celebrations;
  •  cleaning up after flooding;
  •  washing windows, stained-glass windows.

Cleaning of residential premises

Клининговые услуги

Cleaning uslugiGeneralnaya cleaning apartments, cleaning of the apartment after the repair, or "maintenance" - Daily cleaning of the apartment - one of the most popular cleaning services, requiring a lot of effort. Order cleaning the apartment - be assured of a quality result! Company arhikad-C performs a comprehensive general cleaning of premises (apartments, offices, houses) in Poltava and Poltava region. Our specialists use in their work only with professional equipment for cleaning and special cleaning agents, will allow you to not only save you time, but also to achieve excellent results.

Today, more and more people are trying to spend their free time in nature, in their country houses, away from the bustle. Cleaning of the cottage, townhouse or country house - not an easy tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort. If you want to quickly make a general cleaning in your home - the best masters will come to your aid. Applied by our masters of high quality, effective and professional materials for cleaning will help preserve the purity in your home for an extended period.

Cleaning of offices

Office Cleaning - discreet but important part in the life of any organization. Clean presentable office - is, without exaggeration, the face of the company. Often, it is from the outside the state of your office depends on relations with competitors and partners. It was in the office customers meet and negotiate. Therefore, it requires a quality office, daily cleaning.

Office cleaning options:

  • morning or evening a comprehensive cleaning of office ( "before" or "after" the arrival of employees to work). This cleaning is relevant for small offices.
  • Basic cleaning in the afternoon (experts clean the room during the working day). This type of cleaning is perfect for those companies who need to perfect state of cleanliness in the office all day.
  • Combined cleaning (morning or evening plus basic daily cleaning). A great option for large office buildings.
  • Our specialists will perform general office cleaning with the most modern cleaning methods with maximum control and the use of professional equipment.

Services Washing of windows and facades cleaning

Washing windows - one of the most popular services in the field of cleaning. Not every home owner have the time and strength. From pure glass depends on the illumination of your apartment, office or home, the internal mood and a beautiful view from the front of the building!

Options window cleaning and cleaning of facades:

  • standard washing windows and facades with the help of ladders and stairs (apartments and low-rise buildings)
  • washing windows and facades with the help of specialized tools and equipment for mountaineering (two-storey buildings and high-rise buildings)
  • wash windows with auto-tower (building complex design)

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